Mission Partners

Mission Partners of the AMRSP came to existence not out of nowhere but from realities of life as Religious Men and Women in the Philippines try to read the signs of the times of. Majority of the Mission Partners were created after the merging of the AMRSWP and AMRSMP somewhere in 1970 except the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines. RMP was founded in 1969 by the AMRSWP, to forge a church response to the social volcano that was Rural Philippines. The declaration of Martial Law in 1972 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos, served as an impetus for the Major Superiors to be more prophetic. Thus, they engaged in lengthy deliberations in the 1974 Joint Convention while looking at the enormous effects of the martial rule on the lives of the people. Consequently, they decided to create or set up new vehicles for conscientization and action on behalf of justice. TASK FORCES were created to take on issues related to political detainees (TFD); conscientization of the poor (TFUC); on church personnel (TFOCP); formation of public information thru proper information and reporting (Task Force Data Gathering – TFDG). Other commissions were also set up later such as the Education Forum and Committed on Education.

We, the Urban Missionaries, a Mission Partner of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP) on labor apostolate, envision a Philippine society and a world where all women and men workers work in partnership towards equality; whose rights and dignity are upheld; where everyone enjoys the fruits of the earth through all generations; and shares in the realization of the reign of God.

As we journey with the workers, we continuously strive to enhance an Integral Spirituality of Work that is motivating us to share and participate in the empowering mission of Christ among the poor. In partnership with workers and churchpeople, we commit ourselves to:

  • stand for and advocate the dignity, rights and significant role of women and men workers in a globalized world;
  • develop/challenge the religious, local churches and laity to be witnessing individual/communities in solidarity with women and men workers and their families.
  • develop a Spirituality of Partnership-Mutuality among women and workers, religious, local churches and laity as a manifestation of being God’s co-creators.

1. To promote wider participation of religious, local churches, laity and other infer-faith groups on the issues and concerns of women and men workers through a more systematic and sustainable exposure-immersion and appropriate partnership programs towards effective services for the workers and their families.

2. To promote the necessary support for the consolidation and development of workers’ organizations.

3. To advocate pro-workers’ policies and sustainable development alternatives; help generate a broad network of solidarity to counter the anti-labor agenda of globalization on the regional, national and international levels.

4. To develop a Resource Center on Labor that would promote the joint mission among the workers through research, publication, data banking and module development.

5. To ensure the fulfillment of all human and material requirements of the foundation for the achievement of program goals through capability building; organizational development, and resource generation.

1. Advocacy

  • Support workers’ advocates such as PROWORKER, etc.
  • Campaign Education
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Networking (national, regional & international)
  • Mass Campaign

2. Research, Documentation and Publication

  • Conduct of researches, compilation of materials
  • Issuance of Labor Quarterly Updates, UM Newsletters
  • Databanking, Photobanking
  • Conduct of conferences
  • Library maintenance
  • Formation of group of facilitators/researchers

3. Partnership Development Program

  • Exposure/immersion-reflection of churchpeople, students, professionals, etc.
  • Development of modules/curricula (basic and advance courses)
  • Continuing education program
  • Build/develop partnership with different groups in support of the women and men workers and their families

4. Workers and Women Solidarity Program

  • Support/services to workers’ groups such as Liga Manggagawa, etc.
  • Empowerment of women and strengthening their organization through capability building (values formation, knowledge, skills, socio-economic endeavor)
  • Direct support/services to workers’ families (children and youth – tutorial/education, day care centers, scholarship, medical mission, etc.)

5. UM Formation Program

  • Development of Spirituality of Partnership-Mutuality
  • Recruitment and consolidation of UM members
  • Conduct of task reflections, recollections, fellowships, seminars, discussions, celebrations

6. Administration and Finance

  • Organizational Development
  • Fund Management
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Staff Recruitment and Development


Chairperson Fr. Percy Juan Bacani, MJ
Vice-Chairperson Jorge Sibal
Secretary Diego Quejada II
Treasurer Daniel Santiago III
Auditor Sr. Susan Esmile, SFIC
Members Sr. Cecilia Eco, LSJ
Sr. Ma. Lida Vasquez, AMP
Fr. Aldrin Suan, CM
Executive Trustee Ma. Lourdes M. Berin
AMRSP Liaison Officer Bro. Manuel de Leon, FMS