Women and Gender Commission(WGC)

Vision/Mission Statement

As women and women religious of the Filipino Church and in Asia, we, in partnership with the Association of major Superiors in the Philippines, are committed to respond to the issues affecting women today.  We recognize that women have been deprived of their rights to life, human dignity and development.  We seek to reclaim the Woman Spirit in our history, in the Church and in our world.  We believe that bonding with women and among women opens us to God’s gift to create and recreate.

To respond to the current situations of women and the poor, redefining ministries and developing relevant strategies means:

  •  to raise consciousness of women and men of the women’s situation toward concrete action
  •  to foster healing and empowerment of women and earth
  •  to create avenues where women’s voices and stories could be heard and shared.

In all these, we want to usher in a more just and human society that reflects God’s compassion, justice and peace.



On July 7, 1992, the Women Religious Superiors endorsed the creation of a Women’s desk to implement the January 1992 resolution, also joined by the Male Religious Superiors.  Two sisters were volunteered by their congregations to formulate a concept paper for the Women’s Desk:  Sr. Aurora Zambrano from the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Sr. Sally Oyzon from the Sisters of St. Columban.  As a result of their work, August 8, 1992, saw the birth of the Women’s Desk as the AMRSP’s arm for women’s concerns.  They were joined by Sr. Helen Ojario, O’Carm of the JPIC and Sr. Pat Babiera, OND, who was then AMRSP Executive Secretary.  Sr. Auring became the first coordinator until Sr. Joy Luz, RSCJ took over in 1993.  The Women’s Desk has been linked to the AMRSP Board through Sr. Anne Rita, SSC, Sr. Mila Maravilla, SSJ and most recently Sr. Teresita Villaluz, OSA.