What We Do

In its daily activities, AMRSP works to enhance the consecrated and religious lives of its members and of society as a whole. Through regular conferences and dialogue, we foster closer cooperation and unity between the hierarchy, the clergy, religious congregations, civil society and the laity. With our mission partner the Task Force for the Orientation of Church Personnel (TFOCP), we serve religious formators and assist congregational formation programs.

But our mission goes even further. For AMRSP, the mandate of improving the spiritual lives of Filipinos naturally extends to the pursuit of social justice in the Philippines. Each day, we work to fight injustice and address the burning issues that affect the lives of the poor. On our own and through our mission partners, AMRSP promotes a variety of social causes:

  • Promoting good governance and fighting corruption through our Masses for Good Governance, our Spirituality of Stewardship workshops, and by offering moral and spiritual support to credible whistleblowers who stand up against graft and corruption among government officials
  • Helping the urban poor and urban workers through Urban Missionaries and the Task Force on Urban Conscientization
  • The Indigenous People Desk defends the rights of indigenous people throughout the Philippines
  • The Women and Gender Commission (WGC) works to ensure women their rights to life, human dignity and development
  • Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) defends the rights of political prisoners and victims of human rights abuses

Last but not least, AMRSP provides material and spiritual aid to victims of natural disasters and calamities in the Philippines.

Through its diverse activities, AMRSP serves the spiritual needs of its members and congregants, while also working for a more just nation where none are deprived of their basic material needs or human rights.