AMRSP Manual


Article I. Nature

  • In the Philippines, there are two Associations of Major Religious Superiors with separate Statues and By-laws. Theyare known as:
    Association of Major Religious Superiors of Men in the Philippines (AMRSMP) and Association of Major Superiors of Women in the Philippines (AMSWP)
  • These two distinct associations come together into one called Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP),or simply referred to in this manual as, the Association. They recognize many common elements in their role, mission and vocation as religious. Their common understanding and perception of this role is set forth in the AMRSP VISION – MISSION STATEMENT.
  • In the light of this role, the AMRSP also recognizes the need and desirability of undertaking certain activities, programs and projects under their joint responsibility. These are known as Activities of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines, or simply: AMRSP ACTIVITIES.


Cannon Law 708. Major Superiors can usefully meet together in conferences and councils, so that by combined effort they may work to achieve more fully the purpose of each institute, while respecting the autonomy, nature and spirit of each. They can also deal with affairs which are common to all, and network to establish suitable coordination and cooperation with Episcopal Conferences and with individual Bishops.

  • The purposes of the Association are:
    • To promote the growth of the consecrated life of its members;
    • To study common concerns and to seek collaboratively effective responses tothem;
    • To creatively pursue the role of prophetic witness in the Philippine Church and Society;
    • To represent member groups before the ecclesiastical and civil authorities;
    • To effect a closer cooperation among the hierarchy, the clergy, religious congregations,
    • secular institutions and laity in the Philippines.


  • All bonafide members of AMRSMP and AMSWP are members oft eh AMRSP
  • Active members are those who are consistent in their attendance in the AMRSP conventions/meetings and are regular in their payment of membership fees to their respective association (AMRSMP / AMSWP) and dues as may be required by the AMRSP, provided, notice was sent and received accordingly.
  • Membership in the Association does not in any way limit the autonomy of the individual institutes, i.e., no decision of the Association should interfere with their internal government.
  • The Rights and Duties of Members
    • All member – congregations, represented by their major superior in the Philippines or his/her official delegate, so authorized in writing, shall attend the AMRSP Convention and other meetings that maybe called by the AMRSP Board;
    • All AMRSP members or his/her duly authorized representative, shall enjoy a deliberative vote in all meetings;
    • All member – congregations have the right to avail themselves of the services of the Secretariat, and the Mission Partners of the AMRSP.
    • All member – congregations shall pay the membership fees, to their respective association (AMRSMP / AMSWP) and dues as my be required by the AMRSP.


  • Its Duration and Purpose:
    • The convention shall be held once every two (2) years;
    • The purposes of the convention are:
      • to review the AMRSP Mission Statement / Manual
      • to report on AMRSP Activities
      • to review and to evaluate activities
      • to set policies, guidelines and structures / activities as needed
  • the rights and Duties of the Convention:
    • To decide with a deliberative vote upon all matters regarding the governance, activities and representations of the Association;
    • To set the direction of the Association for the next two years and to suggest the theme for the next convention;
    • To approve the rules governing the AMRSP Board and the Secretariat;
    • To review and to approve the report of the Treasurer;
    • To organize and / or approve the creation of new structures as the need arises;
    • To evaluate existing structures with the active participation of the parties concerned to dissolve those that may no longer have reason to continue to exist;
    • To receive, deliberate, and to act on the reports of the mission partners;
  • Quorum:
    • A quorum of the AMRSP Convention shall be an absolute majority (50%+1) of the active members (as defined in Article 3.2 of this manual), provided all the members were invited at least one month before the said meeting.


  • The AMRSP Board consists of the AMRSMP and the AMSWP Board Members.
  • The officers of the AMRSMP and the AMSWP are the co-officers of the AMRSP.
  • Once every two (2) months the AMRSP Board meets to discuss matters of common concern and responsibility.
  • The Rights and Duties of the AMRSP Board
    • To convoke the convention at least once every two (2) years.
    • To prepare the agenda of the convention as proposed by the members of the Association;
    • To send a yearly reports of the activities of the Association to the Holy See through the Apostolic Nunciature;
    • To receive and to communicate to the members of the Association the regulatios and suggestions of the Holy See and of the National Conference of Bishops.
    • To maintain contact and to represent the Association with:
      • the Holy See
      • The Hierarchy of the Philippines
      • Any national or international organization as deemed necessary
    • To execute the decisions of the convention and to take the necessary actions to realize the purpose of the Association;
    • To appoint an independent certified public accountant who will audit the books and accounts of the AMRSP and will render a report thereon in writing to the AMRSP Board every years or as often as may be required by the AMRSP Board;
    • To propose amendments to the AMRSP Manual which will be communicated to the general membership at least two months before the convention;
    • To present to the Mission Partners, the AMRSP concerns, for action and to receive their reports for transmission to the AMRSP Convention;
    • To appoint a Major Superior as Liaison Officer to a particular Mission Partner considering the recommendation of the Mission partner concerned;
    • To foster coordination with, and among the Mission Partners by providing moral support, personnel, and material / financial resources when necessary;
    • To confirm the recommendation of the executive secretary regarding hiring / terminating the services of the staff of the AMRSP Secretariat.


  • The officers of the AMRSP are the Co-Chairpersons, Co-Vice Chairpersons, Co-Treasurers, and the Board Secretary.
  • The Officers of the AMRSMP and the AMSWP are also the co-officers of the AMRSP.
  • The Board Secretary will be elected by the AMRSP Board from among themselves.
  • The Functions of Officers
    • The Co-Chairpersons
    • preside over the conventions and the AMRSP Board Meetings;
    • oversee together with the Board that the Association functions according to its aims and objectives;
    • represent the Association and its Board before the Ecclesiastical, Civil and Non-Governmental Bodies when their presence is being called for;
  • The Vice-Co-Chairpersons
    • take over the functions of the Co-Chairpersons in their absence or incapacity.
    • support the Co-Chairpersons in their tasks and responsibilities.

The Co-Treasurers

  • prepare the annual financial budget of the Association, and present it to the AMRSP Board for approval;
  • review, approve and reports to the AMRSP Board, the monthly financial statement of the Association;
  • coordinate the purchase of materials after the requisition form is duly approved by the Co-Chairperson;
  • study together with the Co-Chairpersons and Executive Secretaries the proposed salary scale of the personnel;
  • provide a system of check and balance which involves the financial organization of the association;
  • sign the checks in payment of bills;
  • approve the statement of account for collections;
  • see to it that financial books are audited annually by a CPA, appointed by the AMRSP Board, and are reported and filed with the BIR and SEC;
  • invest any unused or excess funds of the Association in any non-speculative ventures or undertakings pending the actual need and use of the same for the purposes of the Association;
  • render financial report during conventions;,
  • suggest to the Board the ways and means to generate funds;
  • serve as the custodian of AMRSP funds and properties;
  • supervise the financial staff in the secretariat who takes care of:
    • keeping confidential records and reports pertaining to the financial status of the Association;
    • typing any financial reports, statement, schedules, etc.  which the association needs with regards to its financial requirements;
    • rendering reports to the co-treasurers concerning the collection of membership fees, etc.;
    • Doing an accounting job that the co-treasurers may assign.
  • The Board Secretary
    • Certifies resolutions and decisions approved by AMRSP Convention and the Board;
    • Checks and signs the minutes prepared by the Executive Secretaries.


  • The Secretariat shall be composed of the two executive secretaries and a number of staff necessary to fulfill the tasks of the secretariat.
  • The Office of the Secretariat shall be located at a place determined by the AMRSP Board.
    • The Executive Secretary of both, AMRSP and AMSWP, shall also be accountable to the AMRSP Board. Their functions are:
      • Preside over the secretariat in matters of Association concerns;
      • Take charge of the documents and correspondence of the AMRSP;
      • Head the secretariat at the convention, and act as secretary during Board meetings, without, however, active and passive voice;
      • Ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Board;
      • Present concerns for the consideration of the Board;
      • Study or submit to appropriate persons the concerns presented by the Board;
      • Facilitate communications among the AMRSP members, the Board and the Mission Partners;
      • Coordinate the joint activities of the Mission Partners;
      • Coordinate AMRSP activities with other organizations and institutions;
      • Speak for or represent the Association when necessary or delegated by the AMRSP Co-Chairperson/s;
      • Recommend to the AMRSP Board the hiring / terminating of the services of staff in the secretariat, providing reasons thereon.


  • The Mission Partners help in realizing and fulfilling the AMRSP Vision. This vision can be made operative through the working together of religious and lay partners.
  • The Mission Partners are: Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission (JPICC); Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP); Task Force for the Orientation of Church Personnel (TFOCP) ; Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP); Urban Missionaries (UM) ; Task Force on Urban Conscientization (TFUC); Education Forum (EF) and Women’s Desk (WD).
    • All Mission Partners derive their mandate from the AMRSP and are directly accountable to the AMRSP Board although they operate with a certain autonomy, taking responsibility for their decisions and their consequences. They are expectedto carry out activities within the framework of the AMRSP Mission Statement, Policies and Guidelines.
  • Principles of Dynamic Relationship between AMRSP Board and the Mission Partners
    • Since religious and lay people are drawn together by the common AMRSP Mission, they are equal partners in this mission. Having different charsims, spiritualities and bein unique persons, the religious and lay participate in the work of the AMRSP Mission with assured creativity and richness in the missionary activities.
    • The AMRSP Board and the Mission Partners are assured of organizational unity and democratic participation through a creative process of dialogue that values the principles of unity and subsidiarity, authority and accountability, responsibility and transparency, partnership and participation. Partnership here is on the level of mission, subsidiarity on the level of organization.
    • In the event of conflict between the AMRSP Board and a particular Mission  Partner, efforts should be made to resolve the conflict in a spirit of dialogue. If these efforts fail, then the case is brought to the AMRSP Convention for final resolution.
      Likewise, conflict within a Mission Partner or between or among Mission Partners, which are brought to the attention of the AMRSP Board, shall be resolved in a spirit of dialogue.
  • Policies and Guidelines
    • On the Constitution and By-Laws of Mission Partners
      The AMRSP Board shall review the Constitution and By-Laws of Mission Partners. It shall recognize and confirm them while at the same time reserving the right to recommend revisions and amendments thereof. These recommendations shall be considered by the Mission Partners concerned on their next convention or assembly. In these deliberations, the Liason Officer shall actively participate as the representative of the Association / AMRSP Board according to the spirit of the AMRSP Mission Statement.
    • On Meetings / Activities
      • The Mission Partners shall hold a regular convention.
      • An official representative of the AMRSP Board shall attend the Mission Partner’s Convention, aside from the Liaison Officer or each Mission Partner.
      • Each Mission Partner shall be represented in the AMRSP Convention by their chairperson or by their official representative. They shall participate in the deliberations, but shall have no active or passive voice.
      • The Mission Partners shall hold their respective Board meetings.
      • The files, minutes and reports of the Mission Partners
        Board meetings shall be open to the AMRSP Board. The Mission Partners shall furnish the AMRSP Board with copies of minutes or records they request.
      • The AMRSP Board meets with the Officers or Board members of each Mission Partner for dialogues and support. This is in addition to the general meetings of the AMRSP Board and all the Mission Partners which may take place during the Mission Partners’ Convention.
      • The Mission Partners shall meet, once every two months with the AMRSP executive secretaries for the coordination of joint activities of the Mission Partners and for the facilitation of communication with the AMRSP Board and among Mission Partners.
    • On Reports
      • The annual program of activities of each Mission Partners is to be submitted to the Board of the AMRSP.
      • One month before the convention of the AMRSP, the annual performance report of each Mission Partner, together with its audited financial report, is to be submitted to the AMRSP Board.
    • On Responsible Persons
      • The term of the Liaison Officer shall be two (2) years and may only be renewed for another term. The liaison Officer shall have the following functions:
        • represents the AMRSP in the Mission Partner;
        • becomes a member of the Mission Partner’s Board;
        • attends Mission Partner’s Convention;
        • regularly updates the AMRS Board on the Mission Partners;
        • reviews Mission Partner’s statements / declarations;
      • The National Chairperson / Coordinator
        The AMRSP Board shall recognize and confirm the election /appointment of the National Chairperson / Coordinator of the Mission Partner for the term determined by the Constitution and By-Laws of the respective Mission Parnter.
      • Regional Chairperson / Coordinator
        The names of the Mission Partner’s Regional Chairperson / Coordinator shall be submitted to the AMRSP Board for information after they have been duly elected / appointed.
    • On Issuance of Statements / Declarations
      Within the parameters of the AMRSP Mission Statement and inspired by the prophetic character of religious life, the AMRSP Board and the Mission Partners may issued statements and declarations. In joint statements, AMRSP and Mission Partner, the draft of the statement shall be submitted for comment / approval of the AMRSP Board and the Mission Partners.
      The Mission Partners shall inform and shall furnish the Liaison Officer and the AMRSP Secretariat, copies of its pubic statements and declarations.
    • On Finance
      The commissions and desks derive their resources from the AMRSP. All other Mission Partners are responsible for generating their own resources.
      The AMRSP Board through the Liaison Officer may endorse the project proposals of a Mission Partner. The Mission Partner shall submit an audited financial report of the project to the AMRSP Board annually and shall be directly accountable to the funding agency in the administration of funds.
    • This Article VIII of the AMRSP Manual shall be included in the By-Laws of all Mission Partners.


  • Affiliate organizations are bodies which originated with the AMRSP and have attained independent status, or already existing organizations which are seen to be close to the spirit and objectives of the AMRSP. In either case, the relationship with the AMRSP is only in terms of spirit, common objectives and affinity of methods, but non on the level of organization and structures.

Article X. SEAL

  • The Seal of the AMRSP shall be in the form of a circle with the words: “ASSN. OF MAJOR RELIGIOUS SUPERIORS IN THE PHIL., AMRSP 1972”, duly inscribed thereon. 1972 was the year AMRSP was founded.
  • The Board Secretary shall have custody of the Seal and shall be responsible for the proper use thereof.


  • The members of the AMRSP by affirmative majority vote, may alter, amend or repeal the AMRSP Manual at any regular meeting or any special meeting called for that purpose.


  • This Manual shall take effect immediately upon its approval by those mentioned in Article XI.
    Approved by the Participants of the 1997 AMRSP Convention
    Caleruega, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
    July 11, 1997